Residential Services

Yakel Technology provides support for all your technology needs throughout your home. If it has a wired, or wireless connections we can get you up and running. If you have a computer or devices giving you trouble then we can help get your tech working for you again.

PC Tune Ups

Just like your car or truck needs a tune up and an oil change. Computers need regular maintenance in order to continue running smoothly. Call us and we’ll set up a time to get your computer running as good as new.


Virus Scan & Removal

Viruses, Malware, & Spyware can wreak havoc on a computer system causing pop ups,  redirecting you to unwanted websites, stealing your login information, or worse. Let us help you rid your computer of all the junk trying to steal your information and wreck your computer.



Give that older PC a boost, you can get some more time out of that aging laptop or desktop by upgrading the system memory or by switching over to an SSD drive. Send us an email and we’ll get you upgraded and up and running as fast as ever.


Wireless Networking Setup

Wireless is everywhere you go now. If you have one or more devices at home then you need some wireless networking. Get all the kids tablets and devices, your phone, TV or whatever other do-dads you might have online by connecting them to your “Wi-Fi” router. Worried about passwords, security, DNS & routing.Whether its gaming or backing up photos, if it involves wireless we can get it setup and running at peak performance.


Data Backups

Your photos, documents, and files are the most important things about your computer. Make sure that you have them backed-up before your system crashes or virus or malware corrupts your files. You can’t get your files back without a backup! We recommend regular automatic backups of all your data. Your computer should just take care of all of this for your right? Then let Yakel Technology come and get you all backed-up, then you don’t have to worry about hard drive crashes.